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Today, more than ever, the continuing and sustained development of the SGI Group which I created 30 years ago remains rooted in a passion for enterprise.

Our strategy is founded on the core concept of "business development". Group policy is to expand into business areas where positions of excellence can be attained.

In every area of our professional activity, the customer is placed at the heart of our endeavours. This is what defines our corporate culture.

We have set ourselves the challenge of understanding how customers needs change and to offer them solutions that evolve constantly to meet those needs.

Responsiveness of the highest order can be developed by being close to customers, by offering more value-added services, and by creating sustainable relationships. This is how we as a Group set ourselves apart from our competitors.

We are building on these values every day. Improvement of skills, commitment to innovation, guaranteed quality and safety, and development of our human resources are the cornerstones of our strategy.

Domenico Leone - Chairman

D. Leone


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